Meet Your Maker

Foolish Fetish was established in 2014 by me, Alyssa Townsend! It was born out of love for punk bootlegs while working in a  screen-printing shop in SF. I slowly began to expand from prints and patches, to enamel pins and buttons, to heat pressed clothing, to carefully crafted laser cut jewelry pieces. I currently run my business out of my home studio/garage in Oakland, California. All items are designed, created (in collaboration with a local laser cutting company), packaged and shipped by me. I’m constantly finding new inspiration from rock n’ roll music, horror movies, the political climate, and kitschy nostalgia. I work hard to constantly evolve and create better and more refined work that you can wear, while still keeping my pricing accessible.
Some things about me :
Born and raised in Orange County, CA, I moved up to the Bay Area in 2008 and haven’t looked back since! In my spare time (what’s that!?), I enjoy working on home improvement projects with my partner, riding motorcycles, singing in a band, attempting to snuggle my black cat Stagger Lee, and spending time with my close friends.
Photo by Christina Iveli.